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Payment Pro is the 1-click cashiering and payment processing system for university bursars
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Payment Pro Cashiering Benefits


Keep Lines Moving

Reduce the time required to process each transaction, and payment lines begin to move much faster. Payment Pro speeds up the cashiering process by improving the efficiency of these common transaction "speed bumps," among others:

1. Student account and information lookup
2. Data entry procedures
3. Student check writing
4. Credit card approval
5. Payment posting

Payment Pro reduces or eliminates these obstacles during every student payment transaction, making long and inefficient lines in the Bursarís office a thing of the past.


Fewer Errors Mean Fewer Headaches

There are countless ways in which errors can creep into your transactions. The more data entry required, the greater the chances for error. So a cashiering system which is able to supply the required information on the cashier's behalf, while minimizing data entry, is highly desirable. Put another way, the more automation applied to the process, the better.

Few mistakes cause as much trouble as crediting a payment to an incorrect student account, then cancelling the paying student's classes for non-payment. This true-life situation occurs at institutions where the cashiering system does not verify that payments are credited to the proper account and results in frustration for all concerned.

Clearly, errors on student or departmental accounts are better prevented than corrected after the fact. Through multiple techniques, Payment Pro helps ensure that the intended student or general ledger account is properly credited, and it enables you to track down any payment by several criteria.


Provide Outstanding Service

Today, most institutions highly value and take pride in their customer service. By improving the accuracy and efficiency of the payment process, Payment Pro minimizes student frustration and complaints as outlined below.

1. Reduce excessive waiting in line.
2. Eliminate delays in restoring the paid-up status of a student account.
3. Avoid egregious errors such as posting payments to the wrong student's account.
4. Enable rapid researching of any tender returned by the bank.
5. Provide for rapid production of duplicate receipts.
6. Cancel non-paying students more promptly to accommodate returning students.
7. Accept payments even when the student system is down
8. Automatically release the appropriate student holds when an account is made current.

By implementing the above measures, Payment Pro cashiering helps ensure that each visit to the Bursar's office represents a positive experience with your institution.


Increase Productivity and Lower Costs

Payment Pro enables you to double or even triple the number of payments cashiers can readily process per hour. That means a giant leap in the productivity of your existing staff.

With the resulting workload reduction, you will not need to hire additional staff and will rarely have to shuffle personnel during peak payment periods.

Further productivity gains occur when you factor-in the effect of error reduction, simplified reconciliation, and audit-friendliness. These not only increase productivity and contain costs, but also make daily operations run more smoothly and effectively.

Your staff is your most precious (and expensive) resource. Payment Pro helps you use it to its fullest potential.

Read about additional benefits of using Payment Pro, or request our Information Kit.

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Payment Pro helps get the job done quickly and easily
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Bursar's office cashiering system: Maximize productivity
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Bursar's office cashiering system: Work smarter not harder

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Payment-Pro is a registered trademark of Keypad Information Systems, Inc., a provider of payment processing systems for university bursars since 1996.
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