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Payment Pro is the 1-click cashiering and payment processing system for university bursars
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Payment Pro Cashiering Benefits


Handle Peak Activity Periods

As a payment deadline approaches, the volume of incoming mail often causes a formidable backlog which can take significant time and resources to process. Aside from efforts to catch up, a transaction backlog represents a longer delay until you know who has paid and who doesn't intend to. In turn, this delays the process of freeing up class seats to accommodate returning students, which can result in expensive faculty and classroom resources going underutilized.

Consider the impact of being able to process four mailed-in transactions for every one you do today. Payment Pro speeds up the processing of all payments, not just those made in person.


Overcome Audit Issues

Of all the hurdles that come with the Bursar's territory, audits can be one of the thorniest because you have little control of the hidden surprises that may be waiting for you. After all, experienced auditors have a pretty good idea of where and what to look for.

If your institution happens to be a state agency, you are even more familiar with the importance of a successful audit. So you shouldn't need to wonder about your compliance with audit standards.

With error-checking, meticulous record-keeping, reporting, and manager-interlocked controls, Payment Pro ensures your operations are consistent, accurate, documented, and in keeping with the rules. You never have to look over anyone's shoulder to keep it that way.

Payment Pro helps enforce the rules by monitoring and selectively allowing or restricting the operations each user may perform. Student account status indicators are monitored in determining which operations a cashier may perform on a particular account.

Manager interlocks ensure management oversight where you need it while maintaining an audit trail for all operations.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Payment Pro approach makes for a smarter work environment, encompassing these key areas:

1. Increased worker productivity
2. Workload and effort reduction for cashiers
3. Simplified support functions such as reconciliation and daily closing
4. Enhanced flexibility in deploying staff where needed
5. Error reduction
6. Standardization of operating procedures
7. Fraud prevention and financial controls
8. Rejection of checks from known NSF offenders
9. Temporary workers becoming productive with little or no training
10. Easy tracking and lookup on any transaction

Read about additional benefits of using Payment Pro, or request our Information Kit.

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Payment Pro helps get the job done quickly and easily
Student accounts cashiering system: Keep lines moving
Student accounts cashiering system: Avoid errors
Student accounts cashiering system: Improve Customer Service
Student accounts cashiering system: Maximize productivity
Student accounts cashiering system: End bulk mail overload
Student accounts cashiering system: Overcome audit issues
Student accounts cashiering system: Work smarter not harder

Bursar's Payment Processing Since 1996

Payment-Pro is a registered trademark of Keypad Information Systems, Inc., a provider of payment processing systems for university bursars since 1996.
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