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Payment Pro is the 1-click cashiering and payment processing system for university bursars
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About Keypad Information Systems, Inc.


Since 1996, Keypad Information Systems, Inc. has been helping colleges and universities process payments efficiently and securely by designing, developing, installing and supporting specialized payment processing systems and related technologies.

The Keypad founders got their start as software engineers and consultants at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), where their clients included a long list of government agencies within the Department of Defense. After DEC ceased to exist in the mid-1990's, they turned their attention to higher education computing systems and discovered the need for better and more efficient ways to process student payments.

At the request of a loose consortium of universities, Keypad developed Payment Pro so that it was transparently integrated with the most popular student information systems being used by medium to large institutions. By focusing exclusively on higher education, they were able to incorporate dozens of features and capabilities that bursars' offices would require, all able to be turned on or off according to preference and need - Bursar-optimized software without the weaknesses inherent in generic cashiering modules, such as those supplied with student systems, or retail cashiering systems repackaged for bursar use.

Keypad continues its tradition of flexibility today by being willing and able to add capabilities and features to the system at the request of customers.

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