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Bursar's Office Cashiering
Process student payments securely and efficiently - with a single keystroke
University bursars dramatically improve customer service, maximize productivity and avoid errors
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University bursars quickly and easily process student payments with as little as 1 keystroke
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Payment Pro cashiering enables university bursars to process payments in seconds - not minutes

Bursars: Eliminate Long Lines, Minimize Payment Errors and Improve Financial Controls

Tired of student complaints, long lines and staff stress during peak registration periods? Weary of the effort required to locate and correct data-entry errors? Concerned about hidden surprises when it comes to having a meticulous audit? Need to do more with less?

When a student arrives at the Bursar's office to pay a bill, it can be a cumbersome process -- especially when the job is done right. Cashiers must determine the current account balance, apply credits to prior terms, take financial aid into account, look for holds or check acceptance restrictions on the student, charge the credit card, remove the student's hold, and sometimes more.

With Payment Pro, instead of having to perform all those tasks individually, the integrated payment processing system created specifically for the Bursar's office lets the cashier accomplish all the necessary tasks easily and quickly. Even better, this high-performance processing approach prevents many of the errors that plague most student-system-based cashiering modules or systems that incorporate bursar capabilites only as an afterthought.

Designed exclusively for the bursar's office, Payment Pro takes care of the details -- so you can take care of your customers. Regardless of the week of the year, cashiering hums along quickly and smoothly, preventing many of the errors that are so time-consuming to resolve.

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Payment Pro helps get the job done quickly and easily
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Improve Customer Service
Maximize productivity
end bulk mail overload
Overcome audit issues
Work smarter not harder
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