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Payment Pro is the 1-click cashiering and payment processing system for university bursars
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Payment Pro Cashiering Perspectives


Process a Payment With 1 Keystroke?

With Payment Pro, a large percentage of student payment transactions may be processed using a single keystroke.

Compare this with your current processing methods and consider how this labor-saving innovation will influence speed, productivity, and accuracy. Then factor in the resulting improvements in employee morale and customer satisfaction.

As a result of this one-keystroke transaction, there is little or no room for error.

The single-click technique enables each cashier to perform more transactions per hour, with less effort and less stress.

Finally, your staff can focus on the customer – because the system takes care of all the details.


Avoid Credit Card Headaches

Credit card processing machines seem convenient on the surface, but looking closer, you'll notice they also open the door to numerous pitfalls:
1. They require double entry of information.
2. If the credit card transaction and the student transaction amounts differ, you have a balancing problem – which, of course, must be located before it can be fixed. "Locate" is not what cashiers want to be doing when it’s time to close the registers and go home for the day.
3. Voiding a credit card sale is only part of the overall transaction. If the corresponding reversal is not made in the student account, there’s a balancing problem to locate.
4. Credit card machines provide absolutely no way to link a credit card transaction with a particular student account. Therefore, tracking a mis-entered payment costs considerable time, effort, and frustration for both staff and students. And if the name on the card differs from the name on the student account, the challenge is compounded.
5. Switching attention between a credit card machine and a student system disrupts the cashier's thought process and allows errors to occur while transitioning between systems, especially during peak periods.

Integrated credit card processing is a much better approach:
1. You enter the data into one system, which propagates it – accurately – to all other related systems.
2. Credit card transactions always balance with the amounts credited to the student account.
3. Any payment reversal is automatically reversed in all relevant systems as well as in the credit card account. There's no forgetting. And therefore, the potential for reconciliation hassles is significantly reduced.
4. Every credit card transaction is tied to a student account transaction, so researching any payment is not only possible, it’s simple.
5. Credit card processing takes place as part of the transaction workflow on a single machine, with no diversion of attention elsewhere.
6. Credit card machines vary in their approach to secuity. What does it take to issue an unauthorized 'refund' on yours?


What's in Your Toolbox?

Can you imagine a home improvement contractor who does not believe in using power tools?

Such a contractor could never hope to compete with one who takes full advantage of these labor-saving and productivity-enhancing devices. And so it is with with payment processing, where the right tools enable workers to do the best job possible in the shortest time, with the least effort and fewest mistakes.

Payment Pro provides a greater return on your investment in people than other systems. And that is no small investment. Cashiers deliver an increased quantity and quality of output when their tools reduce fatigue and help eliminate mistakes.


Keep External Systems in Balance

With the proliferation of campus/debit card systems, parking systems, credit card processors, not to mention your existing accounts receivable and general ledger systems, you may have concerns about reconciling them all in a timely and efficient manner.

Payment Pro links all these systems electronically while keeping human error out of the equation. Data is entered only once. By processing all of these payments through your automated cashiering system, each external system is simultaneously updated and therefore remains in balance with receipts, the general ledger and your bank deposit.

Cross-reference information links any journal entry to the original transaction for easy tracking whenever needed.

So, not only does the cash drawer balance each day, your other systems remain in balance – automatically.


Reduce Your Workload with Barcodes

It’s no wonder that barcodes may be found almost everywhere today. They make transactions faster, more accurate, and less costly by eliminating manual data entry.

And, as a side benefit, no one complains about the shorter wait in line, the effortless completion of a transaction or the resulting elimination of data entry errors.

It's a simple matter to add a bar code to your student invoices, so when the tear-off remittance portion is returned with payment, it may be scanned to eliminate data entry.

With Payment Pro, this technology can bring fast relief to a hectic Bursar's office environment.


Student System Down? No Problem.

When it’s 9:30 AM and your student system has not yet come online, what will you do about it? Stop accepting payments? Hand-write receipts?

Any number of issues can cause your student system to go down unexpectedly: overnight backup not completed; overnight maintenance not complete; system upgrade not complete; network outage; power failure; hardware failure, and so on. It's more a matter of when than if.

With Payment Pro, this won't concern you. Payment Pro records all payment information as it is entered. When your student system comes back online, your student accounts receivable system is updated. Automatically. No need to re-key anything.


The Last Cashiering System You'll Ever Need

With Payment-Pro, you are dealing with a vendor that maintains an exclusive focus on University Bursars.

This enables our clients to take advantage of the latest developments in student system and payment processing technologies and achieve compatibility with all major student systems.

As a result, you won't need to worry about implementing or training your staff on a new cashiering system in the event of an infrastructure change in the future.

You can also be assured of reaping the benefits of new payment processing technologies, such as Check-21, electronic signature capture and check imaging, among others as the future unfolds.


Learn more!

Contact us for a free Information Kit. Or, if you prefer, call (610) 695-8200 to discuss your educational institution’s needs.

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Payment-Pro is a registered trademark of Keypad Information Systems, Inc., a provider of payment processing systems for university bursars since 1996.
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