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Payment Pro is the 1-click cashiering and payment processing system for university bursars
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Payment Pro Cashiering Overview


Never Understaffed Again

As of 2013, Payment Pro now includes an even more powerful productivity enhancement which ensures each of your cashiers will be able to comfortably handle substantially larger transaction volumes.

This new "Turbo Mode" significantly increases the processing speed above and beyond the already efficient level currently attainable with Payment Pro cashiering. So Payment Pro now enables you to process a student account payment in just moments.

Even more importantly, if you're currently understaffed, Turbo Mode enables your cashiers to "pick up the slack" by handling the maximum transactions while using the minimum effort -- and therefore minimum staff.

Improve Productivity and Reduce Complaints

Make long lines during registration periods a thing of the past with Payment Pro’s high performance cashiering capability. Automating and integrating all the necessary steps in accepting and processing student payments simplifies the cashier’s job, gets students in and out of the Bursar’s office quickly, and eliminates the most common kinds of errors.

The resulting gains in productivity and customer satisfaction can be huge. Gone also are the risks of your student payment information being tampered with or compromised.

Developed and refined exclusively for colleges and universities with at least 1,500 students, Payment Pro includes a long list of features that can be turned on or off according to your institution’s unique needs. Currently the system integrates with SCT Banner, Oracle/Peoplesoft and SCT Plus, with additional popular student systems such as Datatel and SAP being added to that roster.

Easy to Use

Payment Pro simplifies the cashiering process by eliminating redundant effort, preventing errors and making it possible to perform integrated transactions with just a couple of clicks. Forget about having to enter the same data twice, once in the student information system and once in the credit card processing machine or other campus system.

There is no fumbling with a separate credit card machine, a separate receipt, a separate void, or separate settlement. Payment Pro ties each credit card charge to a student ID for complete traceability and makes it impossible to enter invalid accounting codes.

Recent enhancements have significantly reduced the overall transaction processing time, so transactions are also surprisingly fast.

Closeout in Record Time

Say goodbye to the need for manual batching, tabulating and reporting. At closing, Payment Pro summarizes the day’s receipts within moments and prints a full suite of accurate reports.

Information feeds to the general ledger system and credit card settlement are completely automatic, consistent and reliable.

Automatic Update of Financials

Payment Pro automatically and transparently updates your student and financials systems in real time, thereby eliminating time-consuming, error-prone manual entry.

Like other functions in Payment Pro, the finance data feed is easily tailored to your specific requirements.

Unparalleled Flexibility

More than 100 features and behaviors of Payment Pro can be customized to your needs and preferences without programming. For example, the system can produce special data feeds or seamlessly integrate with parking systems, campus card systems and more.

One increasingly popular and convenient option enables you to provide self-service payment processing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this module, students can view their account balances and submit credit card payments over the Internet or using a touch-tone phone.

Proven, Modular Equipment

Unlike traditional cashiering equipment, Payment Pro is completely modular, enabling you to purchase exactly what you need – and only what you need. This makes upgrading economical, because individual components may be upgraded without upgrading the entire system. Similarly, this concept also facilitates servicing.

Modularity also provides for optimal placement of each system component within your workspace.

Based on current Intel Pentium technology, Payment Pro is powerful, proven, and state of the art. Many equipment options exist to match specific needs.

Secure and Reliable

If your institution suffers a mainframe or network outage, Payment Pro continues to function independently and retains transaction information across power failures. When your student system is down for any reason, Payment Pro continues to accept payments and forwards any unposted transactions to your accounts receivable system within moments of its return to service.

For maximum reliability, Payment Pro automatically backs up transactions to your institution's central computing facility.

Payment Pro also protects against disgruntled employees and against others with sticky fingers by providing an electronically locking cash drawer, a secure hard drive and advanced encryption for sensitive data.

Payment Pro not only complies with payment card industry security standards -- it exceeds them. So you can be assured your data is secure from compromise.

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Payment Pro helps get the job done quickly and easily
Student finance cashiering: Keep lines moving
Student finance cashiering: Avoid errors
Student finance cashiering: Improve Customer Service
Student finance cashiering: Maximize productivity
Student finance cashiering: End bulk mail overload
Student finance cashiering: Overcome audit issues
Student finance cashiering: Work smarter not harder
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